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Greensboro North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer

Wallace Pierce Law – Dedicated. Determined. Driven.

Greensboro North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer

Wallace Pierce Law represents clients in a variety of personal injury matters throughout North Carolina. By appreciating the complicated nature of accidents and exploring the many facets unique to personal injury cases, injury lawyer Jared Pierce provides a modern approach to representing Greensboro North Carolina personal injury accident victims.

Being injured through no fault of your own can leave your life and the life of your family turned upside down. When you do not know what comes next, your Greensboro North Carolina Injury Lawyer at Wallace Pierce Law is here to help.


Is your Personal Injury Lawyer in contact with you? Wallace Pierce Law made 1531 outgoing phone calls in January and February of 2013. We strive to stay in contact!

We understand that the need for a Greensboro North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer often arises during a confusing time. Whether injuries result from a car wreck or a slip and fall, knowing your rights and obtaining quality representation can aid in overcoming even the most serious accidents. Having a law practice focused on representing injury victims gives Attorney Pierce and his staff the knowledge to guide clients based on what is best for their case, and more importantly, best for their recovery.

Attorney Jared Pierce has established a good rapport with fellow plaintiff injury lawyers, insurance adjusters and defense lawyer alike. In fact, the majority of clients arrive at Wallace Pierce Law based on the suggestion of a friend, family member, or another lawyer. In the practice of law, receiving a referral for representation is the highest compliment and Wallace Pierce Law strives to maintain our status as a personal injury firm that is both well known and well respected throughout North Carolina.

Greensboro North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer